Anil has been committed to public service since his teenage years. He began his life in public service as a youth summer missionary and he later served as a volunteer firefighter for over eight years. From there, he took on the role of Community Relations Specialist for the 41st Senate District where he received insight into legislative affairs in Albany and had the opportunity to become deeply involved in the local area.

Anil’s passion for public service, transparency, and accessible representation made an impression on voters who elected him East Fishkill Town Councilman in 2018. During his tenure, Anil helped countless East Fishkill constituents with local and state issues while keeping his community informed with vital information. He even launched the #HometownHotspots tour to showcase local small businesses and non-profits and to create an open dialogue on becoming better government partners. Dismayed by the media-driven national resentment of law enforcement during the pandemic, Anil also went on to create the ‘Hudson Valley Goes Blue in Support of Law Enforcement’ initiative that spurred thousands of Hudson Valley residents to turn their porch lights blue as a sign of support and respect for our heroes in uniform.

Anil proudly stands by his voting and advocacy record. His steadfast support for small businesses, law enforcement, fiscal conservatism, smart development, and most importantly, putting the needs of constituents first, helped improve and shine a light on key local issues. Throughout his tenure, Anil proudly defended small businesses and religious freedoms amidst the state’s unconstitutional lockdowns and advocated for children and parents during times of uncertainty in schools. Furthermore, Anil partnered directly with federal officials to pressure internet service providers to better serve their customers working or attending school from home.

But don’t just take his word for it. As East Fishkill Town Councilman, Anil issued over 30 letters to make the voices of his constituents heard at higher levels of government when no one else would hear their pleas. With a record that speaks for itself, Anil officially announced his candidacy for the 105th New York State Assembly seat on October 27, 2021.

If elected to the New York State Assembly, Anil pledges to continue putting his constituents first. Albany is in desperate need for common sense and stability, and Anil is here to deliver. Anil will keep fighting to rebuild New York into the safe, affordable, and inclusive home it once was. To help return New York to its heyday, Anil will constantly work to unify the Republican party and to make a genuine bipartisan effort to pass sensible legislation while repealing unconstitutional and dangerous bills like the SAFE Act and Bail Reform.

Anil vows to bring the same level of energy and compassion exhibited during his time as Councilman to Albany. He will continue advocating for the people by bringing home grant funding, acting as a liaison with state agencies, and always consulting with municipalities before voting on legislation.


D.R. Missions Trip, 2008

East Fishkill Fire District, 2014

East Fishkill Town Hall, 2019