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On November 8, 2022, residents of the 105th Assembly District elected Anil Beephan Jr. to serve as their State Representative starting on January 1, 2023. 

Anil vows to bring the same energy and compassion exhibited during his time as Councilman to Albany to tackle key issues impacting his community: 

  • Work with colleagues and members of the Public Service Commission to hold public utility companies accountable for poor service, inaccurate billing practices, and control rate increases. 

  • Support policies to make New York State energy independent and lobby for increased domestic production. 

  • Advocate for the repeal of Cashless Bail Reform and place decision-making ability in the hands of our judges. 

  • Closely review the State budget to reduce wasteful spending and ease the tax burden for our residents/businesses.

  • Advocate for additional funding for our schools, infrastructure, law enforcement, and emergency services.


Anil's passion for public service made an impression on voters who elected him East Fishkill Councilman in 2018, confirming his appointment earlier that year.


"As a Town Councilman, I have proven my ability to provide transparent and accessible services to our residents. Each year I review and vote on one of the largest municipal budgets in Dutchess County. Lastly, I oversee one of the largest police departments in Dutchess County, giving me the insights and knowledge needed to combat Cashless Bail Reform and advocate for public safety initiatives." 


During his nearly five years with the town, Anil has successfully supported the following:

  • First-ever term limits for town elected officials

  • Five fiscally responsible budgets

  • Smart economic development 

  • Revised town code to protect public safety

  • Actions to rebuild the town's fund balance to over $10m

  • Reduce debt services and eliminate fiscal stress

During his tenure, Anil helped countless residents with state and local issues while keeping his community informed with vital information. He even launched the #HometownHotspots tour to showcase small businesses and non-profits and to create an open dialogue on becoming better government partners.



His steadfast support for small businesses, law enforcement, fiscal conservatism, and smart development is apparent during his tenure.


"As a community advocate, I have proudly fought Central Hudson and Cablevision for inaccurate billing practices and for providing inadequate services to our community."


Anil proudly stands by his record of community advocacy, which includes:

  • Defending small businesses and religious freedoms amidst the state's unconstitutional lockdowns

  • Advocating  for children and parents during times of uncertainty in schools

  • Partnering directly with federal officials to pressure internet service providers for better service for those working or attending school from home

  • Holding Central Hudson publicly accountable for poor billing practices

  • Issuing over 30 letters to make the voices of his constituents heard at higher levels of government 

Anil also launched the "Hudson Valley Goes Blue in Support of Law Enforcement" initiative that spurred thousands of Hudson Valley residents to turn their porch lights blue as a sign of support and respect for police officers during times of heightened national resentment.


Anil began his life in public service as a volunteer firefighter for the East Fishkill Fire District, where he served for over eight years. Simultaneously, he took on the role of Community Relations Specialist for Senator Sue Serino, where he received insight into legislative affairs and had the opportunity to become deeply involved in the local area.

"As a former State Senate Staffer and Volunteer Firefighter, I have first-hand knowledge of how to be an effective legislator in Albany as well as advocate for the needs of our first responder community."


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