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Weekly Recap With Councilman Beephan

ICYMI: Here are the community highlights from the week of April 5th.

Monday, April 5th: Part 1:

Councilman Beephan launched a new Constituent Engagement Portal that includes a live chat feature and public calendar. More applications and information to come soon!

This platform is built to maximize transparency and provide a direct avenue to obtain information relevant to our work together in East Fishkill.

It will be updated periodically as new information arises and will be an avenue for constituent engagement during Anil's tenure.

Part 2: Letter to the Editor Regarding Vaccine Passports


Tuesday, April 6th:

"Today’s #HometownHotspot is

Mami's Place located inside the

Zion Store & Deli. This little restaurant-cafe offers delicious Puerto Rican food right in the heart of Hopewell. Please stop by, say hello to Debbie the friendly owner, and support #EastFishkillFirst"

Councilman Beephan Visited Debbie at Mami's Place, a new Puerto Rican restaurant located at 410 NY-376, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533. INSIDE ZION STORE


Wednesday, April 7th:

"Earlier today I requested that Optimum provide residents with 4G failover devices at no additional charge to help mitigate outages. Follow the link below to learn more about this technology and how it can help our residents. "

Councilman Beephan understands the ongoing frustration with Optimum services. He will continue to be a steadfast advocate for residents of the East Fishkill area.

Optimum's Response:

Hello Councilman,

I’ll have to speak to our engineering and wireless teams on the viability of introducing a third party element along with our Care teams on troubleshooting, training, etc. to support the suggested device. Since the Town Board meeting last month where my colleagues and I addressed customer concerns and provided direct contact information for escalations, we have received less than 10 complaints. All have been addressed or are in the process of being addressed. That obviously doesn’t represent every customer issue within East Fishkill and we remain available to address any open complaints.

I’m happy to set up a call with the three of us to dive deeper into the our existing HFC network and the recent investments made to increase capacity to the network, along with our on-going work towards upgrading to a fiber-to-the-home solution. If you can offer a few dates/times I’ll schedule the call.




Thursday, April 8th:

On Thursday April 7th the East Fishkill Town Board hosted a work session to discuss the findings of the Housing Stock Committee & the status of the Route 52 Moratorium.

Click here to watch full meeting.

Councilman Beephan is aware of the need for a variety of housing types to satisfy the needs of our aging community as well as our younger generation. He remains adamant that the town must focus on smart development to avoid overcrowding & the loss of our hometown ascetics.


Friday, April 9th:

On Friday, Councilman Beephan had a virtual meeting with the Commissioner's Office for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection regarding the opioid epidemic.

"Our community has been ravaged by the Opioid epidemic. It is saddening to recall the number of lives lost and ruined by this illicit and addicting drug. I believe in a multi-pronged approach to this issue, including a partnership with federal officials to help keep these drugs out of our communities."

More information to come soon.

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