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Weekly Recap With Councilman Beephan

ICYMI: Here are the community highlights from the week of May 9th.

Beephan attends the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse Awards Dinner

Councilman Beephan attended the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse Awards Dinner on Thursday, May 12th. The CPCA is a non-profit that has been dedicated to the reduction of child maltreatment in the mid-Hudson Valley since 1973. Each year, the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse serves more than 15,000 abused and at-risk children. They also provide quality support and education services to more than 3,000 adults to prevent future abuse.

The CPCA team honored New York State Police Troop K, Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, and the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department at their awards dinner. Apart from keeping our neighborhoods safe, these departments have assigned officers at the Child Advocacy Center to protect and care for victimized children.

As we kick-off National Police Week, we honor support our Law Enforcement. Councilman Beephan stated, “I am always supportive of our police officers and we thank them for their unwavering service to our community.”

Local Business Highlight of the Week

This week’s #HometownHotspot is 'Perk Up' (Cafe), located at 1 Four Corners Blvd. in Hopewell.

Perk Up offers a wide variety of hot & iced drinks as well as savory & sweet food options. Their front porch & cozy cafe is an ideal place to meet with friends and colleagues to connect or host a meeting.

Please visit 'Perk Up' for your next delicious pastry or caffeinated beverages.

Beephan Endorses Virgil Capollari for WCSD BOE

Councilman Anil Beephan is proud to endorse Virgil Capollari for Wappingers Central School District Board of Education. Virgil Capollari is a Hudson Valley native who has lived in the Wappingers District for over 10 years. He is also a current member of the Dutchess County Veterans Affairs Committee and East Fishkill Veterans Board. With more than 20 years of public service as a combat veteran and civilian protecting our national security, Virgil has the necessary insight and skills to represent the needs of students and parents.

Unfortunately, the New York State United Teachers union has chosen to get directly involved in the Wappingers Central School Board election. Councilman Beephan finds the New York State United Teachers union’s involvement deeply disturbing after it had spent the better part of the pandemic advocating for unnecessary, far-left policies that stifle student development, take choice away from parents, and place a tremendous financial burden on school boards.

Keeping politics out of classrooms is paramount to ensuring that students get the education they deserve. Virgil Capollari vows to fight against those who seek to indoctrinate our youth. If elected, he will prioritize the needs of students, and fight for responsible spending, fiscal transparency, and stakeholder accountability.

Furthermore, Virgil Capollari is a strong advocate for parental rights and choice in schools. Parents know what is best for their children. By keeping parents involved in their children’s schooling, we can ensure that our education system remains a safe and dynamic environment.

Councilman Beephan strongly urges voters to support Virgil Capollari for the Wappingers Central School Board of Education on Tuesday, May 17th. Our community deserves an accessible and decisive public servant who will always listen to the needs of parents and students over ideologues beholden to the far-left agenda.

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