• Anil Beephan

Beephan Blasts State Legislature for Considering Tax Boost

For Immediate Release




On Monday, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced that he expects an increase to the state income taxes to be approved as soon as this month. Read statement here.

Councilman Beephan released the following response:

“Speaker Heastie, have you lost your sense of humanity? On behalf of millions of New Yorkers alike, I urge you reconsider your decision to vote on an Income tax increase for 2020. This year has been HELL for so many people. Millions are coping with a reduced income or loss of employment coupled with a global pandemic. To have the audacity to raise their income tax during a period of fiscal crises, sickness, and death is simply inhuman.

If you’re calling an emergency session, I urge you to focus on funding for our small businesses, essential workers, and families that are fiscal distress. In addition, don’t you think it’s about time to reign-in the Governor’s unchecked powers? If you would like to further discuss the sentiments of the people that you work for, please do not hesitate to reach out.”

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