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Beephan Responds to Judge Upholding Assembly Maps in Redistricting Challenge

Fishkill, NY - On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, New York State Supreme Court judge McAllister upheld the lawmaker-drawn district maps for the state Assembly. The ruling comes after New York’s Court of Appeals accused Democratic state lawmakers of acting with partisan intent to restrict electoral competition by drawing new congressional and State Senate districts. In departing from the Appeals Court’s ruling regarding new congressional maps, judge McAllister argued that there was not enough time to draw new state Assembly lines before the June 28 primary.

Councilman Anil Beephan vehemently opposes any measures taken to subvert free and fair elections. If elected, he pledges to combat any clear violation of New York’s ban on partisan gerrymandering. However, primaries for governor and state Assembly are still scheduled for June.

Beephan believes that it is unfortunately too late in the election process to change the state Assembly lines. “Changing the maps now would do a great disservice to voters and our election process,” said Beephan. "Voters deserve to have maps ready in time for the primary."

After judge McAllister’s ruling, Anil Beephan is happy to announce that his map remains in play. New York Assembly District 105 includes the towns of:

  • Beekman

  • Dover

  • East Fishkill

  • Fishkill

  • La Grange

  • Pawling

  • Union Vale

  • Wappinger

  • Washington

Beephan will continue focusing his efforts on engaging with voters in District 105 and listening to their concerns. Together, we are going to win the 105th district!

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