• Anil Beephan

Optimum Issues, Beephan Provides Customer Complaint Instructions

For Immediate Release




On Saturday, Councilman Beephan announced the submission of over 300 complaints to Optimum (Altice USA)

during the COVID Pandemic.

Beephan suggests the following steps to filing a complaint with Optimum:

  1. Contact Optimum complaint line. Document date, customer service rep, and resolution. P:866.218.1815.

  2. If unsatisfied, send a summary of a complaint with your name, billing address, email address, and phone number to my email address.

  3. Copy and paste complaint to the FCC informal complaint form. This will require a mandatory response from Optimum within 10 business days. It will also provide further documentation of ongoing complaints in the town. Click here for link.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

P: 845.553.0697


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