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Optimum: Beephan Formally Requests 4G Backups for Residents

Earlier today Councilman Beephan formally asked Optimum officials to provide residents with 4G failover devices at no additional cost to help mitigate outages in the town. This request follows ongoing issues with Altice USA.

What is a failover device?

4G Failover Continuity is the ability to maintain Internet connectivity for critical data processing across a distributed enterprise network in the event of a wired Internet connectivity failure.


RE: 4G Failover Devices for Residents

Dear Mr. Dullaghan -

I have received numerous notifications regarding ongoing and frequent outages across the town. While I understand that the current system cannot handle the increased demand for bandwidth, we must explore all solutions to mitigate this issue. To help reduce the length and frequency of downtime, I request that you offer 4g failover devices at no additional cost to our residents. These 4g devices can be built into the modem/router or connected as an external accessory. This device would automatically switch the user's internet source to 4G upon 30 seconds of downtime and will switch back to your service after several successful pings. Until your infrastructure upgrades are complete, I ask Optimum to consider this proposal to ensure continuity of service.


Anil Beephan Jr.

Council member

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