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Weekly Recap With Councilman Beephan

ICYMI: Here are the community highlights from the week of May 2nd.

Beephan Blasts Anti-Cop, Bail Reform Rhetoric During Law and Order Press Conference

Anil R. Beephan Jr., candidate for the 105th New York State Assembly, blasted opponents of law enforcement on the failed policies of New York State's Bail Reform at the "Law and Order" press conference, which was hosted by Colin Schmitt, candidate for the United States House of Representatives, and included speakers such as Georgia Congressman Drew Ferguson and Councilman Beephan.

As incidents of violent crime and anti-police sentiments intensify throughout the Empire State, the Working Families Party has declared war on our uniformed officers. Unfortunately, the Working Families' pressure campaign to shun support away from law enforcement has been adopted by all of their endorsed candidates. During the press conference, Councilman Anil Beephan stated, “The growing resentment about law enforcement is horrible and distasteful. Every single candidate who has accepted the Working Families line took an oath to defund the police. I am here to say that is not the answer. Working with law enforcement will allow our communities to remain safe, make them safer, and keep our area a great place to live. We are here to back the blue and take back our community.”

Councilman Beephan is dismayed by efforts on behalf of certain New York State lawmakers and candidates to promote sympathizing with criminals and repeat offenders over our heroes in uniform. Working with local law enforcement is even more essential for preserving the safety and security of our neighborhoods at a time when bail reform has stripped away judges’ ability to protect local communities. Councilman Beephan wholeheartedly believes in combining support for legislation to repeal cashless bail reform with restoring local control to criminal justice. Those who serve and police our communities are our neighbors, families, and friends. They know what issues plague our neighborhoods better than out-of-touch candidates and state lawmakers beholden to the far-left agenda. Councilman Beephan pledges to support measures that return the power to safeguard communities to the people affected by disastrous criminal justice reforms.

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Local Business Highlight of the Week

This week’s #HometownHotspot is Jimmy Lyles Productions based in the Fishkill area. Jimmy Lyles Productions specializes in providing top-notch Disc Jockey & Master of Ceremonies Services, as well as state-of-the-art Photo Booth & Mirror Booth Experiences like no other. Councilman Beephan launched the #HometownHotspot campaign to support and promote local business and community organizations, so please be sure to give Jimmy Lyles a call for your next big event or celebration. It's time for local business to come first!

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