• Anil Beephan

LTE: New York Vaccine Passports

April 2, 2021

RE: New York Vaccine Passports

Dear Editor:

I selected your respected newspaper to discuss the vaccine passport system that is now available in New York.

I firmly believe that the use of vaccine passports on any level is a blatant violation of our constitutional rights. The "Excelsior Pass" is a government-issued digital passport used to track one's COVID-19 vaccination or testing status. It is an absolute disgrace that citizens of this great country will have to meet unsubstantiated medical standards to attend a wedding, concert, or travel freely.

We were once a state the believed in medical privacy and the individual rights of our citizens. Within one year, we are now making residents choose to give up rights afforded to them by the HIPAA act of 1996 to "return" to an alternate reality claiming to be the new normal.

I want to know where we are going to draw the line? Will residents have to show this digital medical record at a grocery store or their child's daycare? Will residents be forced to conform to this new system? I join elected officials across New York State by openly opposing the Excelsior Pass system. I also urge all counties to ban the potential for its mandatory use within their respected jurisdictions.


Anil Beephan Jr.

Council member

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