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#EFHeroes: The Story of 'His Table Ministries' & Patti Peck

***Story written & submitted by an East Fishkill Resident requesting to remain anonymous***




"Everyone knows someone who is in need. Many of us may be in need ourselves, during these challenging times. There are countless Angels amongst us and I just wanted to share an uplifting message and words of encouragement to Persevere and never lose hope. There is always someone out there willing to help.

My friend Patti is a selfless lady that feeds over 1,000 food-insecure families every month. She picks up perishable and non-perishable foods from Acme and Shop Rite and delivers the food to St. Dennis- St. Columba Church and the Vineyard Church food pantries. Patti is a 71 years old lady with health issues that lives off her social security check. She has been doing this 5 days a week for over 22 years, with no financial assistance or grants from the state. She gets by from the kindness of others. Many times small business owners have stepped forward, helping by donating furniture, clothes, and toys to families who have lost everything. One Business Owner that has gone way above and beyond anything anyone could ever ask for is Jacob, the owner of Performance Motors in Wappinger Falls. When Patti's van broke down 10 years ago, after several repairs over the years, Jacob was there for Patti by giving her a used van to continue her mission. Just this past month, the van he gave broke down after several years of repairs. Jacob came to her rescue AGAIN to give her another used van to carry on her mission …..UNBELIEVABLE!!! She barely dared to tell him let alone ask for any kind of help, after all he's done. This man, who is just like all of us experiencing hardships, did everything in his power to help her because he couldn't bear to see her not be able to continue to help others. Another generous small business owner, James at Bellizzi Jewelers in Hopewell Junction, has been contributing to Patti's mission for years. We are all like Jacob and James, maybe not of this magnitude, that we all want to help whenever we can.

Patti gets by from the kindness of people helping her with her mission. Without these Angels in her life, she struggles financially. She uses her own money for everything such as gas, car maintenance repairs, and insurance. As well as to purchase items for people in need of baby food, diapers, etc. Items that Acme and Shop Rite do not provide. She does her best to help as many as she can afford to, but the Pandemic has made things much, much harder for her. Patti relies on the kindness of people to give and get help. There is a self-reward in being kind to each other and looking out for each other, by helping one another.

If you would like to help support Patti's mission, please send to:

His Table Ministries

P.O. Box 523

Hopewell Junction, N.Y. 12533

All donations are tax deductible and each donor will receive a letter as proof of receipt. No act of kindness will go unnoticed.

Please Note: His Table Ministries is Non Profit Organization

There are no websites affiliated with this organization. Any websites under His Table Ministries, were not created by Patti.

She is a one woman operation and does not have a place of business, except her van. Please do not donate on line, as the websites are not legitimate."

***Story written & submitted by an East Fishkill Resident requesting to remain anonymous***

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