• Anil Beephan

Beephan Responds: Cuomo Vetos Comprehensive Broadband Connectivity Act

“The Comprehensive Broadband Connectivity Act, which passed both houses of the state legislature last summer, would have required the Public Service Commission to study the availability, affordability and reliability of high-speed internet in all areas of the state and provide a report and detailed map within one year. The bill was “pocket vetoed” by Cuomo”

Beephan States, “This is not right... This is not public service. Our residents have struggled with unreliable and expensive broadband for too long. Cuomo and the Public Service Commission has failed to take the necessary actions to make internet available, affordable, and reliable across rural New York. Our town relies on F.C.C. complaint services for residents receive timely responses from Altice USA (Optimum). Until 2020, the federal agency was unaware of the subpar service in our area. This bill would have addressed broadband availability mapping (needed by the F.C.C.) and would have bolstered opportunities for a future internet expansion project. Unfortunately for rural residents, back-door deals and Albany politics has been prioritized over our needs.”

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