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Beephan Issues Letter To Residents in AD-105

Dear Resident,

I hope this letter meets you and your loved ones well. I want to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself and share some exciting news. On October 27, 2021, I officially announced my candidacy for the New York State Assembly (District 105) following Kieran Lalor's statement that he would not seek reelection. We thank him for his years of service as an Assemblyman and as a Marine. May God bless him in his future endeavors.

I began my life in public service as a youth summer missionary and later served as a volunteer firefighter for over eight years. My local involvement continued as a Community Relations Specialist for the 41st Senate District, where I received insight into legislative affairs in Albany and had the opportunity to become deeply involved with our local area.

In 2018, I refocused my efforts to my hometown of East Fishkill when I was elected Town Councilman. During my tenure, I set out to be a transparent and accessible representative to over 30,000 residents. Each week I have been able to help numerous constituents with local and state issues while simultaneously keeping the community informed with vital information.

I proudly stand by my voting and advocacy record that includes support for small businesses, law enforcement, fiscal conservatism, smart development, and most importantly, putting the needs of our residents first.

During my tenure, I launched the #HometownHotspots tour, which focused on supporting small businesses and non-profits while creating an open dialog on becoming better government partners. Amidst the pandemic, I also announced the 'Hudson Valley Goes Blue in Support of Law Enforcement' initiative to help combat the media-driven national resentment of law enforcement. Thousands of residents across the Hudson Valley joined us by turning their porch lights blue as a sign of support and respect to our heroes.

My experience as a Councilman and Senate staffer enables me to understand the needs of municipalities. I have seen firsthand how high costs make vital infrastructure improvements unaffordable for small towns. I've witnessed calls for help from small communities go unanswered by New York State. I know how unfunded mandates severely hurt the fiscal stability of local budgets. This is why I vow to bring home grant funding, be your liaison with state agencies, and always consult with municipalities before voting on legislation.

Throughout my tenure, I issued over 30 letters to make our voices heard at higher levels of government. We proudly defended small businesses & religious freedoms amidst the state's unconstitutional lockdowns. Locally, we advocated for our children and parents during times of uncertainty in schools. We pressured internet service providers to better serve their customers when the internet became the lifeblood of remote work and school. With the absence of the Public Service Commission, I partnered directly with federal officials to hold cable providers accountable.

I continue to be a steadfast voice and representative in the local government. I vow to bring that same passion to Albany as we advocate for common sense and stability. We must rebuild New York to be the safe, affordable, and inclusive home we all remember from childhood. To accomplish this, we must unify our party and make a genuine bipartisan effort to pass sensible legislation while repealing unconstitutional and dangerous bills like the SAFE Act and Bail Reform.

I am running for New York State Assembly to ensure our community continues to have responsive and level-headed representation in Albany. I look forward to working with colleagues in the State legislature to protect our constitutional rights, make our state more affordable, and ensure that municipalities have the tools they need to serve their constituents.

I respectfully ask for your support as to be our next New York State Assemblyman.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.


Anil Beephan Jr.

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