• Anil Beephan

🚨Beephan Announces Platform for NYS Assembly: Why I’m Running!


I believe in the importance of seeing individuals beyond their political affiliations. Our job as elected representatives is to be a voice and advocate for those we represent. We must bring that same mindset to Albany as we emerge through some of the most divisive political times in modern history. I vow to be a representative who will always take the time to listen to your perspective and be a voice for our community.


On March 23, 2018, I took an oath to support the United States Constitution and the freedoms it affords to us. I am an outspoken supporter of each amendment and recognize that it must be protected, defended, and upheld at all costs. In Albany, I will continue to advocate for the freedoms and privileges afforded to us in this great country.


As a former firefighter, I understand the dedication and sacrifice made by members of our emergency services community. Throughout the pandemic, we witnessed some of the most media-driven anti-law enforcement rhetoric in modern history. That is why I launched the 'Hudson Valley Goes Blue in Support of Law Enforcement' initiative to show support for our heroes and combat the mainstream media. I also proudly defended Law Enforcement on national television and encouraged other public officials to do the same. I vow to take that same drive to Albany and support the needs of our first responder community.


Coming from a family of small business owners, I understand the difficulties of starting and owning a business in New York. Within the first month of taking office, I started the #HometownHotspot tour to highlight our small businesses and organizations. Most importantly, this created an opportunity to receive feedback on how we can be better partners in government. As we look to continue our efforts in Albany, I vow to expand that open dialogue, advocate for small businesses, and always seek their advice before voting.


Many New Yorkers hope to achieve the 'American Dream' of homeownership; however, we face many financial obstacles, including some of the highest-in-the-nation property taxes. I vow to support legislation to help New Yorkers overcome these barriers to homeownership, especially for first-time homebuyers and our aging population.


I plan to leverage my experience as a Council-member and State Legislature staffer to be an effective partner to local government. I have seen firsthand how state policies target local governments and place a financial burden on their budgets. I vow to advocate for grant funding to offset costs for municipalities and taxpayers across the district. Additionally, I will personally be their liaison with state agencies to ensure questions never go unanswered. Lastly, I will always consult with municipalities before voting on legislation that will impact them.


Cashless Bail has turned our criminal justice system upside down. Many of the tools used to protect our community were taken away from our law enforcement and judicial system. Our state now sympathizes with criminals and repeat offenders while simultaneously placing victims, witnesses, and emergency services at risk of retaliation. I vow to support all legislation to repeal cashless bail reform and restore local control to criminal justice.


The highest levels of government in New York are under one-party rule. The pandemic has proven that Albany needs representatives willing to question the status quo, hold the executive branch accountable, and work with leadership to create a more transparent and inclusive legislative process for N.Y. residents.


We have seen Albany slowly strip control of public education from local School Boards, Superintendents, and parents. Throughout the pandemic, the Governor unilaterally decided on what was best for our children. Locally, we advocated for our children and parents during times of uncertainty and lack of communication in schools. We urged state and local officials to repeal indoor mask mandates for students during the cruel unbearable summer heat. In Albany, I will continue to fight for individual/parental rights, oppose Critical Race Theory, and work with colleagues to restore local control to our schools.

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