• Iulia L

Anil Beephan Supports Tax Exemption for Volunteer Firefighters, Ambulance Workers

Anil Beephan strongly urges the New York State Senate to pass Senate bill S9131, a version of the Assembly’s already-approved bill A10155A, before the end of the 2022 Legislative Session. The bill gives local governments the option to provide a property tax exemption to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers. If approved, volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers could get up to a 10% exemption from property taxes. The reduction is well-below the cost for a full-time fire district and will directly bolster the volunteer recruitment efforts of New York State.

Volunteers are the backbone of emergency services, especially in the Hudson Valley. Unfortunately, there has been a consistent decline in available volunteers, partly due to our significant tax burdens. Albany must do better to retain and incentivize willing volunteers by making it more affordable for them to live in the state, especially when New York ranks among the highest for outbound migration due to its unfriendly tax climate.

Creating a property tax exemption is under the state’s authority. Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers risk their lives to protect our friends, families, and neighbors for no compensation. With inflation at a nearly 40-year high, Anil Beephan believes that the least we can do to show our appreciation is to make it more affordable for them to live, work, and volunteer in New York.

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