• Anil Beephan

Short on Cash? Here's How You Can #SupportLocal For Free!


So the greedy Washington Politicians still have yet to approve the second round of stimulus checks. For many, that might mean a tight budget this holiday season with little funds to participate in #SmallBusinessSaturday.

Being a supportive and community-minded individual, you look to alternative methods of #SupportingLocal without breaking the bank. What if I told you that an influential and powerful marketing tool is the palm of your hand - literally? The best part: It's free! Here are some ways for you to leverage social media to help your local business community.

1) Share a Post: Write a social media post about your favorite store or restaurant and be sure to include a photo to boost the algorithm. Be sure to tag the business and share their address or contact information. " Always a great experience at @KatieRoseBakery. The staff is always friendly and the baked goods are delicious!"

2) Leave a Positive Review: Absolutely love a business? Write a positive review on their social media accounts, Yelp, and Google. "The food at @TomasTapasBar was delicious. I would absolutely visit again. Be sure to try their truffle fries."

3) Share your posts, photos, and reviews to your local community group. Tell them why they should visit and where it is located. "Have you all tried @PizzaVillage in Hopewell Junction? Their pizza is delicious and affordable for the whole family."

If you love a local business, there is nothing wrong with bragging about them often. A bi-weekly post would hardly count as spam on most platforms. Additionally, your supportive posts will carry more credibility than a business or organization doing it on their own.

So if the budget is tight this year, follow these few simple suggestions to support small for free this holiday season!

Here is a sample post from my #HometownHotspot campaign:

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